Have you ever been exposed to a scam? The increase in phone scams to which we are often exposed is a result of the theft of internal data from banks, customer service companies and many others. To perform a phone scam, it is necessary to know the victim and their identity data such as name, […]

Noviembre 22, 2022

Scams, fraud and data theft

Estafas telefónicas y el robo de información

Do you have to meet the auditors’ reporting needs, pushing you to start an ongoing deep dive into the system to answer them? Instead, would you like to run your reports in a fast way? The internal and external auditors may have already asked you for information and statements that seem a bit stressful. The world […]

Noviembre 22, 2022

Are you suffering from the requirements that the auditors normally ask?

seguridad sap centinelbox

By this name, I mean when managers, executives, and security officers try to explain issues from SAP when implementing a project  (and many of these issues have also been inherited). Problems in terms of security quality in the user accounts, roles, profiles, and privileges that have been given to them. By this name, I mean when managers, […]

Noviembre 22, 2022

The Original Sin