CentinelBox helps you to identify risks and eliminate them so you can 

manage SAP in a simple, agile way with high levels of security.

Do you know how many users in your company have roles assigned with privileges that do not correspond to them?

Did you know that you are currently exposed to vulnerabilities and risks that you may not even have known about and that auditors do not have the tools to detect them?

Each user in SAP should have as few privileges as possible to avoid potential risks such as loss of sensitive information, internal fraud, corruption and even misappropriation of assets. However, when a user is promoted in the company or has any kind of internal mobilization and new roles are created, oftentimes these role constructions generate undue access and privileges that trigger these and other risks and vulnerabilities for the company.

As much as we want to sweep the trash under the carpet, it always ends up sticking out...

After more than 20 years of experience implementing SAP ERP platforms in large corporations, we have witnessed how many companies activate security and operational risk measures in a preventive rather than reactive way.

Having control of SAP security in your company will help you to:

Monitor critical security variables, user accounts, roles, and profiles.

Identify risks according to predefined risk matrices, which are modifiable, as necessary.

Have high-quality information to implement plans for improvement and redesign of security

Assign users access and privileges without conflicts due to segregation of functions.

Automate the creation, remediation and mass updating of roles.

Agile and fast ️response to the requirements of both external and internal auditors.

CentinelBox is the best solution to manage the security of your SAP ERP - HANA system, where you can: 

Identify risks and apply solutions to mitigate and control them, such as unassigning roles to users who do not use them, removing unused transactions from roles, and many others.

Perform automated role creation processes

Perform preventive actions before assigning new roles to users by verifying the risk of new privileges

Develop mitigation plans that will allow you to perform mass role correction and updating 

Improvement and remediation of roles between 10% and 25% of the time using standard methods

Increase Your Productivity with CentinelBox

Improving the quality of SAP System security is not a matter of time.

The need to enhance security always faces a significant obstacle: the time and available personnel for the task. With CentinelBox, you'll be able to perform tasks in much shorter timeframes than it would take to do them manually, as they tend to be slow and extensive.

Tasks that would typically take weeks will be completed in days, and those that would require days will be reduced to just hours!

CentinelBox operates with data transferred from SAP online and optionally compatible with SAP HANA

Data from SAP

CentinelBox offers as standard the possibility to select the language (Spanish, Portuguese and English).


CentinelBox is 100% web based and works on mobile devices with different OS. The database used is MySQL


All reports can be exported in standard form to: PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, XML, RFT, or simply printed.

Reports and results

For less, you can get all the benefits of CentinelBox. And if you already have it, CentinelBox will be your perfect complement.

No need to invest in SAP's GRC ACCESS CONTROL 

Centinel has traceability of all changes made to the system configuration.

Traceability of all logins, changes to risk matrix and parameters

New service

Vulnerability and Risk Scanning in User Accounts, Roles, and Profiles Security in SAP ECC and S/4 HANA.

Enables the timely detection of vulnerabilities and risks in the privileges assigned to user accounts, allowing us to proactively address them and achieve favorable and beneficial outcomes:

Contract this service, which will provide you with daily reports to help you take measures early and prevent or mitigate future issues.

Refer to the details of its deliverables and available additional services. We will use CentinelBox (on premise) at no additional cost to the client.

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What they are saying about us

CentinelBox has been our lifesaver as it allows us to simplify the SAP world and meet all audit requirements quickly.

We have been working with Sergio and his team for more than 5 years. They have taken away that burden of producing the audit reports they request and we have been able to audit observations that had not been raised for years.

Want to know how our software works live and in real time? 

Contact us for a demonstration and to schedule a free proof of concept.

This proof of concept will help you see the potential that CentinelBox has to identify risks and remediation alternatives.

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Who we are

Meet the top executives of CentinelBox

Sergio Desormeaux

Computer Engineer from the University of Chile. Over 30 years' experience in the field of information technology, he has led technological processes in large productive Chilean companies and business management in local technology companies. With more than 15 years of experience in implementing SAP ERP platforms in large corporations, he has led the development, design and conceptualization of our CentinelBox product.

Oscar Aguirre

Bachelor of Science and Civil Engineer in Computer Science, University of Santiago de Chile. Master's in Innovation, Adolfo Ibáñez University. GEA Graduate in Management, Leadership and Innovation from MIT, USA. 25 years' experience in the field of business management in Chile and abroad, specializing in the creation and management of technology companies. Business consultant in the areas of management, innovation and new technologies.

Mauricio Aguirre

Computer Engineer, University of the Americas of Chile. More than 18 years' experience in the field of IT technical support and customer services, especially for solutions that integrate hardware and software on various platforms, such as corporate transactional servers, databases and client workstations in Windows, OSX and Mobile platforms.

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