Did you know that there may be zombie profiles within your SAP system? One way to detect fraud or misuse of authorizations is by chance or accident. Once the cause-and-effect is identified and a solution is found, it allows for the development of this tip. In an analysis of used transactions that were not assigned […]

Mayo 8, 2023

Fast Checklist 15: Be careful with zombie profiles in SAP

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This is a great question that we get more often than you expect.  Let’s see the different roles that own CentinelBox depending on the size and nature of the company. For most of our clients, finance owns CentinelBox, mainly when there is a thin line between finance and audit/compliance or when systems are more cloud-based […]

Enero 19, 2023

Who should be the owner of CentinelBox?

Some people may disagree with this statement, but it is a fact. Internal controls are the processes implemented by companies to ensure their objectives are met. They are the parts of the business process which provide mechanisms that could prevent inaccuracies or frauds, whether they were triggered by mistake or not. Preventive v/s Detective controls  […]

Enero 19, 2023

Control is always rewarding

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It is common that investment and SAP system security project development decisions are based on the seriousness of the observations made by the External Auditors in their reviews. In addition, the executive level generally undervalues the auditors’ observations, so it is likely that the lack of action on security is always the same.   The auditors’ […]

Enero 3, 2023

Are you comfortable with SAP security reports provided by external auditors?

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By this name, I mean when managers, executives, and security officers try to explain issues from SAP when implementing a project  (and many of these issues have also been inherited). Problems in terms of security quality in the user accounts, roles, profiles, and privileges that have been given to them. By this name, I mean when managers, […]

Noviembre 22, 2022

The Original Sin

La asignación de la transacción SE16 o SE16N presenta riesgos por cuento siempre será posible acceder a información de cualquier tabla en el sistema como también, con los permisos adecuados, incluso modificar datos. Por tal razón siempre su asignación es objetada por los auditores. La solución que se presenta a continuación consiste en crear una […]

Diciembre 17, 2020

3 Tip SAP – Cómo la Transacción SE16 puede ser Asignada Sin Riesgos